Polymer paper elements (material design)

paper-button is a button containing text or an image. When the user touches the button, a ripple effect emanates from the point of contact.

A paper-button may be flat or raised. A raised button behaves like a piece of paper resting on another sheet, and lifts up upon press. Flat buttons do not raise up. Add the raisedButton attribute to make a raised button.


<paper-button label="flat button"></paper-button>
<paper-button label="raised button" raisedButton></paper-button>

A button should be styled with a background color, text color, ripple color and hover color.

To style the background, text and hover color, apply the background and color CSS properties to the button. To style the ripple color, apply the color CSS property to the #ripple element in the button’s shadow root:

/* Style #my-button blue with white text and darker blue ink. */
#my-button {
    background: #4285f4;
    color: #fff;

#my-button:hover {
    background: #2a56c6;

#my-button::shadow #ripple {
    color: #2a56c6;



stringdefault: ''

The label of the button.


booleandefault: false

If true, the button will be styled as a “raised” button.


stringdefault: ''

(optional) The URL of an image for an icon to use in the button. Should not useicon property if you are using this property.


stringdefault: ''

(optional) Specifies the icon name or index in the set of icons available in the icon set. If using this property, load the icon set separately where the icon is used. Should not use src if you are using this property.


Reference: https://www.polymer-project.org/docs/elements/paper-elements.html#paper-button


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