Access ODBC Driver 32bit in x64 bit version Window

That is so strange in Window architecture. As ODBC Drivers are in C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe in Window x64 but x64 Application can not access to its drivers.

Any application develop based x64 bit version will got this error.

the strange is the connection pointing to 32bit driver version. In the 32 bit registry does not contain any driver path.

but it is exist in x64 path.



Creating platform specific apps

Most of the language compilers (like C#) now offer a /platform switch. By using this switch, developers can create binaries targeted for a specific platform type or binaries that are platform agnostic. There are four types of binaries that are emitted

· any cpu – platform agnostic

· x86 – 32-bit platform specific

· x64 – x64 platform specific

By default the compilers (like C#) emit anycpu binaries (also called portable assemblies) which are platform agnostic. In case the users want to create binaries specific to a platform, they can use the appropriate switch and be done.

Cross Compilation

The above concept of /platform switch enables cross compilation of binaries. Cross compilation means compiling binaries to a specific platform type (different from the current platform). This is mostly used in terms of compiling and creating 64-bit assemblies from a 32-bit compiler and vice versa. One point to note here is that cross compilation usually refers to compiling to different target types from the compilers shipped with the 64-bit Redist (WoW and 64-bit). The reason for this is that, while trying to compile for a 64-bit platform from a pure 32-bit machine, the 32-bit Redist would not have the components that are 64-bit specific. In such cases the compilation might go through with warning but execution might lead to runtime exceptions. Also, one should note that while cross compiling, users should stick to the platform architecture type of the machine, viz. x64 or IA. Assemblies for IA and x64 are specific to the platform architecture and cross compilation across architectures is not advised.



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