WebMatrix and node.js: The easiest way to get started with node on Windows

Tomasz Janczuk and Steve Sanderson are having entirely too much fun. I posted just two weeks ago on Installing and Running node.js applications within IIS on Windows – Are you mad? when Tomasz and the team got node.js running rather nicely under IIS. Now they’ve got a nice little development environment in WebMatrix.


Cats and Dogs, living together, mass hysteria

Then, Steve and Tomasz decide to share clever thing with us. Well, let me just show you. Remember, this is all in-progress goofing around v0.5 stuff at best but the concepts are sound.

node.js inside WebMatrix. You may start freaking out now.

And then:

Node.js Express Site1 - Microsoft WebMatrix (76)

Hit Run:

Node.js Express Site running on Windows

How can you use WebMatrix to develop node.js applications yourself? With these easy steps:

Isn’t it lovely when LEGO pieces snap together so nicely?

Enjoy, Dear Reader.

Reference : http://www.hanselman.com/blog/WebMatrixAndNodejsTheEasiestWayToGetStartedWithNodeOnWindows.aspx

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