Installing CouchApp


The newest install instructions are always in the README


  • Python 2.x >= 2.5 (Python 3.x will be supported soon)

Installing on all UNIXs

To install couchapp using easy_install you must make sure you have a recent version of distribute installed:

$ curl -O 
$ sudo python $ easy_install pip 

To install or upgrade to the latest released version of couchapp:

$ sudo pip install couchapp 

To install/upgrade development version :

$ sudo pip install git+ 

Installing in a sandboxed environnement.

If you want to work in a sandboxed environnement which is recommended if you don’t want to not “pollute” your system, you can usevirtualenv :

$ curl -O 
$ sudo python 
$ easy_install pip $ pip install virtualenv 

Then to install couchapp :

$ pip -E couchapp_env install couchapp 

This command create a sandboxed environment in couchapp_env folder. To activate and work in this environment:

$ cd couchapp_env && . ./bin/activate 

Then you can work on your couchapps. I usually have a couchapps folder in couchapp_env where I put my couchapps.

Installing from source :

Follow instructions here

Installing on macosx

Using Couchapp Standalone executable :

Download on Github then double-click on the installer.

Using th python metapackage for macosx 10.5 or macosx 10.6

Using Homebrew

To install easily couchapp on MacOSX, it may be easier to use homebrew to install pip.

Once you installed homebrew, do :

$ brew install pip && pip install couchapp 

That’s it.

Installing on ubuntu

If you use [Ubuntu](, you can update your system with packages from our PPA by addingppa:couchapp/couchapp to your system’s Software Sources.

Follow instructions here.

Installing on Windows

There are currently 3 methods to install on windows:


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