Couchbase Mobile

Write mobile apps once, access anywhere.

Couchbase Mobile 

Couchbase Mobile allows developers to write web applications one time, synchronize multiple copies and share data and applications across any computing platform or mobile device. Easy to download and get started, Couchbase Mobile is fast, reliable and keeps the data on all your devices synchronized with the Couchbase database in the cloud.

We make sync easy.

Synchronization is a deeply hard problem. Couchbase was created from the ground up to solve this problem, so you don’t have to. Spend your time creating value for your users, and let us handle the hard part.

Ideal for user preferences, contacts, game scores, and enterprise data, Couchbase keeps all of your user’s mobile devices in sync with each other and backed up to the cloud.

Couchbase integrates with most popular mobile platforms. This includes Google’s Android, HP’s Palm WebOS, and Apple’s iOS, which includes the iPad and iPhone. Developers love it both for native development and HTML5 apps.

Anytime, anywhere access.

Mission critical applications don’t have the luxury to blame failures and slowness on spotty wireless access. The only true path to reliability is keeping your data on your device.

Couchbase Mobile works, online or off. It doesn’t depend on a constant Internet connection so it works all the time. Yes, offline happens.

Pure performance.

Users are turned off by slow applications, even when the slowness is due to network issues, not your code. With Couchbase Mobile, your application is always snappy, and never has to wait on wireless carriers or remote servers. Your users will thank you.

Couchbase is lightweight and saves battery life compared to traditional applications. By synchronizing data to the device, we optimize bandwidth usage and avoid expensive radio transmissions during everyday usage.

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